Do Teslas Need Oil Changes: Best Helpful Easy Tips

Do Teslas need oil changes – easy maintenance

Tesla is not only a luxurious electric vehicle but also a car with an electric motor, that requires less maintenance to give a driver more freedom.

An electric motor unlike the internal combustion engines of a regular vehicle needs no traditional oil changes. 

Lubricating oil is used for moving parts, such as drive units, to keep running smoothly and avoid friction.

Annual maintenance is more than enough to grease the fewer moving parts and to extend their life. 

Surprisingly, but only after driving ten thousand miles, Tesla requires oil changes, unlike regular engine oil.

Teslas need oil changes
Do Teslas need oil changes – easy maintenance Fastest tesla

How often do Teslas need to be serviced?

To be one of the most convenient, and luxurious cars, your Tesla needs to visit the Tesla service center regularly.

Every car should arrange visits to scheduled service centers depending on how, where, and how much it drives.

Models S and Z need to be serviced every two years, Model X and Y require maintenance every 3 and Model 3 needs repair every 5 years.

Which parts of Tesla need oil?

Tesla vehicles do not need any regular fluid changes. The heart of an electric car doesn’t require oil at all, but other movable components need lubrication from time to time to prevent friction and prolong their lifespan.

Some parts, such as the drive unit containing the AC induction propulsion motors, are crucial to operating Tesla well. Therefore, they require oil to avoid damaging your car.

Tesla models X, and S need oil changes after you drive the car for 100000 miles.

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Do Teslas need oil changes – easy maintenance Fastest tesla

Tesla’s gearbox

Tesla maintenance requires changing gearbox oil according to the schedule, you should make a service appointment after the first, fifth, and ninth year of using a vehicle.

Tesla’s vehicle has a single-speed gearbox that transmits motor rotational speed to the wheels in more common motions.

Such gearbox requires lubrication and oil filters as well.

In Tesla Model 3 a dipstick is used to check the oil needed, so if you are concerned about how much oil is needed, you may check yourself using a manual or call a service center.

What should be changed in the Tesla model?

Tesla maintenance means no traditional oil changes, spark plugs, or fuel filter changes. As Tesla models have been designed to withstand driving for long periods. But there are Tesla parts that require yearly maintenance.

Brake system and tires

The regenerative braking system is livable enough due to its ability to return energy to the battery, but brake pads and brake fluid need to be checked by Tesla Service centers every 12 months.

Electric cars come with brake fluid, Teslas need to control it every 2 years. As for Tesla’s tires, if you drive aggressively and your car has a tread depth difference of about 2/32 inches or more, you need to rotate them. Otherwise, they should be checked for wear and tear, usually every 10 000-12 000 miles. 

Tesla drivers from severe winter regions replace their tires every 6 months.

Moreover, the owner’s manual recommends cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers annually or 12 500 miles before winter seasons.

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Do Teslas need oil changes – easy maintenance Fastest tesla

Oil and cabin filters

An oil filter is a part of a gearbox that helps to ensure that oil doesn’t damage the parts of it. A filter cleans the oil in the gearbox, so it requires infrequent change.

A cabin air filter is used to prevent odors and soiling details from coming through the vents. The carbon filter requires replacement every 24 months, and the HEPA filter needs change every 36 months.

Battery maintenance

Driving electric vehicles, do not forget to recharge your battery regularly. Tesla owners should be aware: electric vehicle batteries are susceptible to overheating, reaching up to 40 °C (104 °F) if not cooled sufficiently. 

Never rapidly charge or discharge a lithium-ion battery. Rapid discharge happens when there’s a huge power demand from the battery, for instance when you charge your phone, or laptop at the same time while driving.

Other fluids

Unlike regular vehicles, Tesla cars do not require constant fluid changes. 

Tesla Model S has a transmission fluid that needs changing every 12 500 miles. Replacing this fluid improves vehicle efficiency. It also extends its lifespan.

A windshield washer fluid helps to clean the screen of your car and also provides anti-freeze protection. 

Tesla recommends washers without special additives to reduce noise from wipers. Such fluid may be bought in any non-Tesla shop.

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Do Teslas need oil changes – easy maintenance Fastest tesla

Does Tesla require a lot of maintenance?

Tesla maintenance doesn’t require any oil changes, emission testing, or a spark plug. Tesla owners still pay for brakes and tires, but Tesla isn’t as hard to repair as any other used car.

Tesla cars require regular maintenance such as tire rotation, servicing air conditioning, brake fluids, brake calipers, and filters. 

In any case, you may get remote diagnostics by Tesla technicians to avoid getting ripped off at the repair shop, or you can get the Tesla app to request roadside assistance when needed.

Do any electric vehicles need oil changes?

Tesla models don’t require regular oil as standard vehicles that run thanks to an internal combustion engine. The same with other electric vehicles, they require oil changes to keep certain parts running smoothly and avoid friction resulting in damage.

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Do Teslas need oil changes – easy maintenance Fastest tesla

How much is an oil change on a Tesla?

Maintenance costs for oil changes at Tesla are $137 in an official service center.

Teslas need oil to provide safety with less friction, though regular cars need oil regulations frequently, Tesla cars require controlling brake fluid, brake pads, filters, and tires less often.

What kind of oil does a Tesla use?

This oil used on Teslas drive systems is synthetic type Pentosin ATF 9. The oil filter part number is 1095038-00A.

Synthetic oil is less toxic than regular engine oils and doesn’t degrade.

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Do Teslas need oil changes – easy maintenance Fastest tesla


Do Teslas need oil changes? Our easy maintenance guide tells us that electric motors don’t need regular engine oil changes. Some liquids should be checked once a year.

If you fulfill the manual’s steps, your Tesla vehicle won’t bother you with repair at all.

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