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What is Tesla Camp mode and how to enable it: all you want to know

What is Tesla Camp mode and how to enable it? In this article, we try to tell you all you need to know about it. Camp mode is the standard option for all Tesla vehicles, but a rare Tesla owner is aware of it. In the meantime, this is what will help you get a “home far away from home”, turning the vehicle into a small but comfortable hotel room.

Tesla Camp Mode is a feature that allows you to keep the climate control system, audio system, and select other systems powered while the car is parked, without draining the battery excessively. This mode is useful for people who want to camp or sleep in their Tesla, as it allows them to keep the car comfortable and powered for extended periods.

A night spent outdoors and Tesla’s Camp mode

A night spent in a car isn’t usually little associated with quality sleep and rest. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is fatigue in the morning, as you had to sleep all night in an uncomfortable position, waking up every couple of hours due to the need to periodically turn on and off the engine to warm up the car.

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But times are changing, and now many cars have climate control in the car and even specially designed modes for a comfortable camping trip.

Tesla vehicles stand out from other cars within this price category with a lot of extremely convenient options.

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Tesla Camp mode in detail

In Camp mode, the Tesla car allows the user to adjust the optimum temperature, ventilation, and lighting within a specified time, USB ports powered.

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At the same time, you can also play music, in case you are used to falling asleep to it. And it may be turned off if you have anticipated such a possibility and set the timer.

But this is not all the features of Tesla Camp mode – you will be able to use the Internet right from the car if there are mobile networks in the access area.

You can also play arcade games, and if you’re close to Wi-Fi (or Tesla’s Premium Connectivity), you can access unlimited content from the Tesla Theater.

In Camp mode, the car works with low voltage outlet and USB ports powered, so that at any time you can charge all the gadgets, and flashlights or use an electric shaver.

With the Tesla Camp mode activated, you can spend a comfortable night in your car anywhere, in any weather.

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What should you do to enable Camp mode on Tesla?

First of all, set your electric vehicle to park, then find the temperature icon on the screen. Press it and choose “Camp” from the menu.

The same could be done via the Tesla app: you just select the Climate section and then tap “Camp”.

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Don’t forget to manually lock the car door (Sentry mode disabled)

Please note that if you turn Camp mode on, the vehicle alarm system and Sentry mode auto lock are automatically disabled. This is so you don’t have to deal with anti-theft protection every time you go out for a few minutes.

So don’t forget to manually lock the car doors when you go to bed, remember – Sentry mode auto lock and vehicle alarm system aren’t compatible with the Camp mode.

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Create your Tesla Camp driver profile

All the preferences that you set in the Camp mode could be stored as your Camp driver profile. You can not only set the optimum temperature with one click on the touchscreen but any parameter, including seat position.

Be sure, you will admire this option when you are exhausted after the long road and don’t want to move a finger.

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How long will the battery charge last in Tesla Camp mode?

According to the manufacturer, in Camp mode, the battery charge is reduced by 10 percent every eight hours of operation. But of course, this is an average of the battery’s charge rate.

In real conditions, everything depends largely on the weather. If the street is cold, or vice versa, hot, the heating or air-conditioning will consume a little more energy.

Even with intensive power consumption, the battery will consume no more than 15 percent of the full charge for every eight hours of operation. Although, the models equipped with heat pumps use less energy.

In any case, no matter whether your vehicle is equipped with heat pumps, it would be better for you if the Tesla battery is charged as fully as possible before you decide to turn Camp mode on for the whole night.

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What if my Tesla model doesn’t have the Camp mode?

As we have already mentioned, every Tesla model has the pre-installed Camp mode, this is a part of the standard package.

To enable Camp Mode in your Tesla, follow these steps:

  • Park your car and turn on the “Park” mode.
  • Open the Tesla mobile app on your phone or tablet.
  • Tap the “Controls” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “Camp Mode” to enable it.
  • Adjust the temperature settings as desired.
  • Once Camp Mode is enabled, your Tesla’s climate control system will maintain the temperature inside the car, while the audio system and select other features will remain operational. This will allow you to enjoy music, movies, or other media while camping or sleeping in your Tesla.

Note that Camp Mode will drain your battery, so it’s important to keep an eye on the battery level and make sure you have enough charge to start the car when you’re ready to leave. It’s also a good idea to enable “Range Mode” and reduce the temperature settings to conserve battery power, especially if you plan to use Camp Mode for an extended period.

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How do I turn off Tesla Camp mode?

To turn Tesla’s Camp mode off, switch the vehicle out of Park or deactivate it by tapping on the temperature icon and selecting a different mode. You can also do it through the Climate section in the Tesla app.

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How long can Tesla last on camp mode?

Camp modes can last up to 8 hours and consume only 10% of your battery’s energy. This is an example of how much power it drains, however, this rate may vary under varying circumstances. In colder or hot conditions, batteries can drain faster merely by maintaining cabin temperature.

Can you sleep overnight in a Tesla?

Yes. And you will do it most conveniently: with USB ports powered, low voltage outlet, and depending on location all the internet entertainments.

Does Tesla Camp mode turn off the screen?

No, it remains active, so you may play music online or play in your arcades or see shows at the Tesla Theater.

Can you charge Tesla in Camp mode?

Yes, and if you’ve stayed at an RV park, which can charge Tesla cars, it will mean that you can go to sleep without worrying.

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