How to find out how long do Tesla tires last - top 3 tips

Tesla tires: how long do tesla tires last and how to prolong tires’ life? 

Tesla cars are now the leading cars on the market, not only because of the famous brand, but also because of the characteristics that in many ways surpass other cars or electric vehicles.

Tesla tires are also popular and highly functional additions to cars, for example, even their tread depth is about 30,000-40,000 miles, significantly different from the wheels of other electric vehicles.

But, you should understand that this significant tread depth difference may be depended on the road condition and other circumstances.

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However, due to such good characteristics, it might seem to many Tesla owners that tire wear in Tesla tires can very rarely occur and therefore refuse to even buy a spare tire, fully confident in the reliability of their car and tires. And in situations, where your tire needs reparation, you may be shocked.

In this article, we will analyze whether Tesla vehicles wear out slowly, how expensive it is to change such seemingly luxury wheels, how it is possible to extend their life, and do you need to use tires by Tesla or other tire manufacturers not inferior in the ease of usage.

Does Tesla tire wear out fast?

Tesla tires’ tread depth of 30,000 miles is quite possible according to Tesla, as already mentioned, this number is indeed higher than other companies, possibly due to expensive wheel materials.

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So, some Tesla owners have stated that the tire wears only after 40,000 miles, which is even more than the company said. Approximately, it would be better to make a number range for Tesla life such as 30,000-40,000 miles, where 30,000 will be the guaranteed number of “tire’s life”.

This is possible on the condition that the company tests Tesla Tires in more extreme conditions, such as huge acceleration and obstacles on the road, to accurately measure the distance and life of the wheels in all situations.

At the same time, ordinary Tesla owners notice the favorable longevity of the wheels, since most often their route is an evenly ironed asphalt road and a frying pan that does not go beyond the average.

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To sum everything up and answer the question, it may be said that Tesla tire, even under unusual conditions and constant picking up speed, doesn’t wear out fast or faster than other brands of tires.

How often do Tesla tires need to be replaced?

To begin with, in general, electric cars cause tire wear much faster than, for example, gasoline cars. This is due to the type of acceleration and the fact that on electric machines, acceleration is taken very quickly.

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That is, even if Tesla tires can withstand 30,000 on their own under extreme conditions, it can still turn out to be a situation where, with constant rapid acceleration, and this is not just speed or obstacles on the road, the tire will need to be changed to a spare tire already after approximately 20,000 miles.

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However, it is worth saying that it is impossible to give an exact and objective answer here, firstly, the amount of use of the car, and the time of year are important, for example, even if your summer tires feel great on the road, in any case, with frosts, you need to change to winter tires.

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Or, if such an unforeseen circumstance as burn tires or blown tire happened, then you should not rely only on the penetration of Tesla vehicles, but go to the salon and change the wheels.

Of course, if you drive calmly and understand why Tesla tires last less than normal or why Tesla tires wear, you can avoid Tesla tire fixation, but it’s better not to skip diagnostics and try to take into account the type of car.

How much does it cost to change a Tesla tire?

Tesla tires are considered to be premium tires for Tesla vehicles. Even though tesla tires varies in different aspects, for example, tire size, the amount of money needed to pay for change will be high.

One tire will cost approximately 200-500 dollars.

Try to multiply it by 4, which will be approximately 2000 dollars for just changing tires.

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Furthermore, in each tire shop, you will need not only to pay for the tires themselves but for the spare tire to feel safe so that you wouldn’t need to run again for the wheel to the shop.

Car salons who will help you with tires installed in your car, of course, will ask for additional payment.

Of course, you can try to change tires by Tesla on your own, but then you need to have a tire patch kit, which will cost 30 dollars and this is the minimum price.

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It would be fair to say that wheels by Tesla and changing them is very costly, because of the unique materials of tires and tire setting features, so it would be cleverer to think not about changing tires every 20,000 miles, but about methods to make tires wear much less often than usual.

Differences between Tesla tires and other brands

Due to Tesla tires’ cost and replacement price, a lot of users are thinking about changing to average tires, furthermore, a lot of companies now are creating tiers for electrical vehicles, and adding new features, but still, the tires Tesla are having the most popularity.

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Many tire shops have a range of different tires, that seem to be more effective, comfortable, and useful than tires by Tesla, but are they in reality?

Below, you can see the differences between Tesla tires and another tire manufacturer, which will help you to understand why Tesla wheels are still at the top of the tires for electrical vehicles.


Tires by Tesla are just more quiet than other tires.

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This may be due to the fact that Tesla is using special sound-absorbing protection, which is made of polyurethane.

Solid materials

You should understand that tires by Tesla are made of more solid materials.

For instance, the connection between rubber and synthetic materials is neatly done.

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Tesla vehicles are cars that need to accelerate and vice versa over a short period, so tires for them should be durable enough to allow that without tires warm or other damage.

Patterns and compounds

Patterns and compounds of Tesla tires are EV-specific, which allows them a lower rolling resistance.

It means that tires Tesla are moving easier than other tires.


Tires by Tesla are used for bigger weights than the standard car.

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This is due to the fact, that because of the battery, a Tesla vehicle is heavier, than a standard vehicle.


The new tires by Tesla are more aerodynamic.

It means that tiers by Tesla are more likely to get a higher speed with air motion.

2021 Tesla Model S wheels

Tesla wheels are having lighter covers, which means that they are having, not only lower rolling resistance but lower wind resistance as well.

What you should you do to “prolong the life” of Tesla tires?

While we’ve discussed the price and benefits of new tires by Tesla, it’s worth discussing ways to extend their lifespan.

This will help those who have a problem with unevenly worn tires, who do not want to buy spare tires, and who just want to use their wheels more.

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Below, you can see tips to prolong the tire life of Tesla cars:

Hard acceleration

You should get rid of sharp acceleration or sudden braking, as these two things are the main loads for wheels.

Driving Habits

Try to make the driving habits of checking your wheels and testing miles that are already done while driving.

Wheel alignment and tire rotations

Don’t forget about tire rotation and understand, which rotation scheme would be the best for you.

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Furthermore, don’t forget to test your wheel alignment.


Parking will not help your wheels to repair, in contrast, may cause such damage as a “flat tire”, making flat spouts on your rubber.

Air inflation

You should always check the air inflation of your wheels, if you don’t know the perfect air pressure for your tire, try to find it on a panel in the car.

Dirt, gravel, bad roads

Last, but not least, tip, don’t test your tires for serious reasons on very bad roads.


Of course, they will survive even the most difficult paths, but still, their “lifetime” will be getting a few times shorter.

Tesla tires rotation of front tires and rear tires

Tire rotation is a way to extend the life of the wheels by simply changing their positions in Tesla cars. This method can be called one of the most budgetary since you just need to change the positions of the wheels. What’s more, many car brands claim that it’s okay to change wheel positions every 10,000 miles.

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However, tire rotation is very energy intensive, and you must use special patterns to change wheel positions, such as a rearward cross or forward cross. If you don’t rotate your wheels at all, you may end up in a situation where the front wheels need to be changed due to a 10,000-mile footnote, while the bottom ones can easily last 40,000.

How long do Tesla Model 3 stock tires last?

As it was said previously, the average period of miles that should be done before replacing the Tesla Model is approximately 20,000-40,000. Four tires of Tesla 3 stock didn’t go beyond this, as users and company claim tires wear Tesla 3 only after 30,000 miles.

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But the rotation of your tires depends on which specific Model you are asking for. There are three versions of model 3: RWD single motor, AWD, and Performance dual motor. RWD single motor will require you to rotate tires after 12,000 miles, while AWD and Performance will ask you to rotate your tires only after 6,000 miles.

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It may be because different models are having a different proportion of weight on wheels, for instance, RWD single motor has an equal weight put on all wheels, because of what rotation may be left for later. For AWD and Performance dual motor, it would be better to rotate the rear wheels to the front tires and not just cross them over.

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Rotation is important as if you want your Tesla model 3 tires to last for approximately 6 years, or 30,000 miles, as they should, you need to be aware of changing places of tires in different versions to enjoy the power of the motor as long as possible.


To sum everything up, It can be said that the tires of Tesla cars have their pros and cons, but it’s worth saying that Tesla’s wheels are still the leaders due to quality build materials and also guaranteed miles. Furthermore, the instructions, that were suggested, will help you not only with tires by Tesla but with every manufacturer, as they are very useful for car owners in general.

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Moreover, now you, as Tesla owners, know exactly how to extend tire life, especially if you have high-quality tires, which are quite expensive, and you sincerely do not want to constantly spend huge amounts of money on replacing new tires. On the other hand, you now understand why tires by Tesla may be wearing too fast, so you are fully prepared.

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We hope that, after reading this article, the question “how long do tesla tires last?” will not be problematic for you, and you would easily find ways to choose the perfect tires for your Tesla and even be confident about the physical condition of your tires, by avoiding “tire wear” with tips discussed.

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