Tesla Run-Flat Tires: Important Helpful Tips & Review

Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it?

Do you wonder why Tesla sends out their cars without spare tires? Yes, they became popular carmakers. They provide Tesla roadside assistance for free – this is how they are confident with their services.

One common denominator for all of Teslas’s vehicles is that they have a lot of innovative and cool features, such as Sentry Mode, Valet Mode, Tesla App, Tesla roadside assistance program, and much more. Do Teslas require special tires? Let’s find out.

tesla run-flat tires
Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla

Spare tires

Do Teslas require special tires? Teslas do, however, lack some features found in conventional vehicles.

The absence of a spare tire is one such factor. Teslas lack this function that has long been a need for automobiles.

Tesla decided without including a spare tire for a number of reasons, including practicality, weight, infrequent use, free roadside assistance, and ineffective labor.

Drivers don’t seem to mind the lack of Tesla tires and don’t seem to require one should they find themselves with a flat tire, so the automaker has a good reason for not including it in any of its vehicles.

Tesla’s choice has so far proven to be both wise and fruitful. That is why Tesla does not include a spare tire in your purchase. The producers guarantee Tesla tires be long-lasting that keep the tire pressure hard, but they do not think of some roads condition in the country.

In this case, when you damaged the tire on such a road, a tire repair shop on the next corner will be helpful!

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Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla

Can you put run-flat tires on a Tesla Model 3?

If the tire size of the run-flat matches the specifications of your Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S, the answer to this question is “yes” in a nutshell.

Even while the answer to this question is “yes,” there is unsettling doubt about whether these spare tires are just as good as the Tesla OEM tires, or, to put it another way, should you replace your original tires with run-flat tires? Or is it beneficial to have a spare tire included?

The main selling point of run-flat tires, which allow users to continue driving even after their wheels have been punctured, is this one advantage. But with regard to the Tesla Model 3, this particular perk will have a number of decreasing safety and the number of negative side effects:

  • They provide a little more difficulty to riding than the casual.
  • Driving becomes very challenging to handle.
  • They weigh between 20% and 25% more than standard tires.
  • Battery life is substantially shorter.
  • They are very pricey.
  • They immediately tire out.
  • They are challenging to locate.

However, you are free to use any tire that is compatible with your car’s size and weight. One such example is the switch from Michelin to Pirelli tires in the Performance series of vehicles starting with the 2014 models.

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Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla

Why does Tesla not prefer run-flat tires?

It is simple to understand why Tesla does not like run-flat tires after taking into account all of their drawbacks.

Tesla avoids these tires, though, mostly due to “the increased weight.” As was already said, Tesla works hard to give its owners more miles per charge. Any extra weight that could make this beast sluggish on the road is actively sought after by Tesla.

Given that your automobile will be 20% to 25% heavier, you may also compute the overall impact on miles between charges.

Does Tesla Model 3 come with a spare tire? 

NO! Tesla vehicles don’t come with a spare tire or wheel! To begin with, it’s no longer really practical. Unquestionably, one of the most progressive automakers is Tesla. When everyone else thought the idea of electric cars and a supercharging network was absurd, they actively advocated it.

Regardless of what others may say, they conduct their own research and take the appropriate action. Tesla decided not to include a spare tire in any of its vehicles after realizing how few flats happen. Instead, they manage and study tire pressure levels.

Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla

Free road services

Tesla does not offer extra tires with every vehicle because the majority of Tesla owners receive free roadside support. Considering all these reasons, the decision not to include a spare tire by Tesla seems plausible.

What if I got a flat on my Tesla Model 3?

Flats are unavoidable; sooner or later, you’ll experience them. One of the measures could be a Tesla tire repair business. Let’s see what more remedies the public suggests:

Roadside help for Tesla

This is the greatest option because it is free, and if your car is still covered by the Tesla warranty and is located within a 50-mile radius, it is also the only one.

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Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla

Simply give them a call at 877-798-3752 (for US owners); they are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to help you escape situations like this, so you may take in the fresh air.

Spare tire from modern spare

  • Suitable for all Model 3 iterations (including Performance)
  • The most popular spare tire for Model 3 owners
  • Suitable tires for high-speed driving (rated for 81 mph)
  • An aluminum alloy that is lightweight
  • A complete kit is offered (with all tools required)
  • The other tools are at best of middling quality.
  • Reasonably affordable pricing

Tire repair kit: BETOOLL tire repair kit

  • Provides better value than Tesla’s tire repair kit.
  • Simple to use
  • Super robust
  • Puncture repair plugs that instantly seal
  • Easily fits inside your glove box.
  • includes no tire air compressor

Does the Tesla Model 3 come with run-flat tires?

The automobile does not come with run-flat tires, but you are free to add them to your car if they are compatible.

Is it advised? No. Run-flat tires could harm your Tesla in the ways already described and have an impact on the range.

You must be ready for a flat situation in advance as a property owner.

Maintain a tire plug kit in your car. Even better would be to keep a spare tire in the trunk of your electric car, especially when driving long distances. Always check your tire pressure before leaving the house because it’s one of the supposed top causes of flat tires.

If you are inside the range of Tesla’s roadside assistance, even if you don’t have both, they will still be able to assist you.

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Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla

Model Y runs flat tires

One of the worst scenarios for a driver is a flat tire. The flat tire alters how well your car runs, lowering tire pressure and giving you less control. The majority of automakers address the issue by providing tires that can function even when flat, giving the driver enough time to get to a tire repair shop, gas station, or a Tesla store.

Some manufacturers, like Tesla Motors, are defying the trend, though. They keep saying we should check the tire pressures.

There are no spare tires or run-flat tires on the Tesla Model Y. Tesla anticipates that you will have your Model Y hauled to one of their locations for a new tire when it suffers a flat. They do, however, offer a few preventative methods to assist lessen the probability of a flat.

By taking these safety precautions, you and your family may be spared from having a flat tire.

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Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla

Does Tesla Model Y have run-flat tires? 

A flat tire will occur to every driver at some point. Numerous factors, many of which are beyond the driver’s control, can cause tires to blow out. You must therefore have a strategy in place to manage the disease while on any extended journey.

Run-flat splints are one common fix for flat Tesla tires. Tesla’s flat tire is still strong enough to let you continue driving as usual even if they blow out.

Despite the advantages, several manufacturers still do not equip their vehicles with run-flat tires. Some of them, like Tesla Motors, even say they won’t.

Tesla equips its vehicles, including the Model Y, Model 3, and Model X, with unique, foam-filled tires in place of the flat tire. But they recommend measuring the tire pressure to avoid flat tires.

The tires on the Tesla Model Y

The productivity version of the Model Y comes with Pirelli P-Zero tires instead of the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires that come standard on Tesla vehicles. These all-season tires are capable of handling most climates on their own.

Tesla does not, however, employ the common, commercially available models of these tires. Instead, they use sound-dampening foam to fill the interior with the thread surface.

By firmly adhering to the rubber, this foam lowers cavity resonance and noise from the road.

There are drawbacks to these tires, despite the fact that they provide superior driving experiences. This set of tires is:

  • not designed to be flat
  • difficult to patch or repair; typically needs to be replaced entirely
  • expensive to repair, and only Tesla shops have the tools and supplies to do it
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Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla


Finally, let’s look at the most important questions:

What happens if you get a flat tire in a Tesla?

The answer of one of the tesla owners:

”If it’s an easy repair, I would fix it myself, you don’t have to jack it up to fix it. What I do is I use the repair spike tool and patch, plug the wound, inflate the tire, and take the spike tool out. It takes about 15 minutes. Otherwise, there is Tesla roadside assistance. They come and help, and lastly go and find free roadside assistance. ”

Tesla Model 3 Hankook Tires
Does Tesla run-flat tires? Or what shall you do to fix it? Fastest tesla

Do Teslas need special tires?

The answer of one of the tesla drivers:

You don’t “NEED” specific tires for a Tesla, and there’s a wide range of tires that will fit on a Tesla. However, there is a specific type of tire that is well suited for Tesla cars, and it has foam inside to reduce road noise. Noise depends on the tire pressure, which should be, as recommended initially.

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