How to Test Drive a Tesla - 6 Helpful Tips for Buyers

How to Test Drive a Tesla – Useful Manual

More and more people nowadays start to like Tesla vehicles. Therefore it’s important to know how to test drive a tesla. Some car enthusiasts go green, some consider buying Tesla vehicle posh, and some are sure that in the long-run owning Tesla is cheaper than any other car represented on the market.

How to Test Drive a Tesla - Useful Manual Fastest tesla

Regardless of the reason, Tesla produces cars and such kind of production should be tested before being bought. However, most of the Teslas are being bought online. For those who can’t purchase a vehicle without trying it, there is a Tesla test drive.

There are quite a lot of ways to test Tesla out before buying one. You may see people drive a Tesla around your town or you may want to experience driving an 850.000.000$ car – there is always a test drive. During a pandemic, steps were taken to ensure safety while driving and these measures are still relevant. Tesla today provides touchless test drives.

Keep reading to know how to test a Tesla touchless and what are other options to test drive.

Tesla Showrooms

Manage Your Touchless Test Drive

To begin with, go to the Tesla website to schedule an appointment in the Tesla showroom. You will be demanded to fill in your name, phone number, and email address and confirm them.

How to Test Drive a Tesla - Useful Manual Fastest tesla

Then select a tesla model you’d prefer to drive. There are now 4 models you are free to pick out from.

Afterward, check whether there is a Tesla showroom nearby. Sometimes website may ask you for a location to find the nearest one or you can use maps to find it on your own. After this, select a convenient date, time, and place, confirm an appointment to contact a Tesla advisor, and talk about a coming test drive – that’s it, you are almost ready to drive a Tesla.

Be Present at Your Test Drive

Nowadays a lot of things are done remotely so there is no need to come to the Tesla office to sign documents or do other paperwork – you may use your phone or computer. For some of us, social distancing is highly important. Nevertheless, you can’t drive a Tesla remotely (yet), so after everything is done, get to the test drive.

How to Test Drive a Tesla - Useful Manual Fastest tesla

It’s always better to get somewhere a bit earlier than it was scheduled. Some say Tesla advisors. Be at the nearest showroom 10 minutes in advance and alert your Tesla advisor you’ve come. Then you will be guided to the car.

Here are a Couple of Things You Should do While in the Car.

  • Check the interior. Before you start the engine, make certain you’ve watched tutorial videos to understand the diversity of functions provided to test vehicles.
  • You will have half an hour to drive a Tesla and see Tesla’s various functions. Then you should park the car, and answer Tesla advisor a few questions to improve touchless test drive quality.

Inconvenient location

In case there is no showroom around you, check the Tesla website for some up-to-date information. Sometimes Tesla holds test drive events so drivers can get there to check Tesla vehicles up. Look through the website to see whether some events are held nearby. If there is one, schedule a test drive following the given instructions.

Turo Renting

Download the Turo app to your phone and you will not need any showrooms to drive a Tesla.

To pay for gas or keep vehicles safe and sound some people rent their vehicles out. Turo app is a convenient tool for renting cars to different people, which allows car-owners from 56 countries to earn some extra money.

How to Test Drive a Tesla - Useful Manual Fastest tesla

Search the app, select the model you prefer (it’s better to try out all 4 models that are on a market now), then contact the owner and schedule an appointment. Tesla will be driven to a location comfortable to you or will be waiting for you to come and drive.

Don’t worry about time limits. Sometimes 30 minutes aren’t enough to see all Tesla’s details so customers can arrange the amount of time for a test drive. Doing so, you can, for instance, check how Tesla charges.

Rental Car Agency

In some big cities, there are great rental car agencies that rent Tesla and other vehicles. In such agencies, you can drive any Tesla model you like. There are a few major agencies: Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, and so on and so forth.

How to Test Drive a Tesla - Useful Manual Fastest tesla

The company’s Tesla park may be located nearby such places as airports.

Remember Two Vital Points About Tesla Renting

The Cost

You will have to spend quite a lot of money to drive a Tesla. Expect that 300$ to be an average price for a day of Tesla test drive. Furthermore, the closer to the airport the higher prices. At this point, the starting price is about 500$. Tesla’s expensive to buy so no wonder it’s also expensive to rent.

Auto Insurance

Get ready to spend some money on insurance coverage, as your one won’t probably cover Tesla’s model. The vehicle may be considered extremely rare so rather expensive and this is the reason to have some extra money on hand. Needless to say that you must have a valid driver’s license.


Have you heard about Tesloop? It’s not a Hertz, but still. This is one of the local companies that also rent vehicles.

How to Test Drive a Tesla - Useful Manual Fastest tesla

Just to know what it is, here are some data. Located in California, Tesloop has been the major mileage for Tesla all around the world. They are really popular in Southern California. The reason is cost: Tesloop’s considered to be the cheapest when it comes to renting Tesla.

Even if you are not a driver you may be given a lift by a Tesla driver, isn’t it cool? There is such an option for those who aren’t really into driving.


If you have a couple of friends in California then you’re quite lucky. At least one of them owns Tesla. These words aren’t meaningless as they say there is a vast number of Tesla there, so you will probably be able to rent your mate’s vehicle.

How to Test Drive a Tesla - Useful Manual Fastest tesla

Tesla’s main factory is located in California, which may be a reason for its popularity here. Some suggest that locals buy Tesla as they feel like buying “local”. Why not.

Therefore, the location of the factory plays a major role in cost-sharing. It’s possible that there is no need to pay shipping taxes to get Tesla in other states so purchasing them in California is a lot easier.

In other words, ask your Californian friend for an appointment and beg him to let you test drive, Tesla. Maybe he will be able to offer test drives.

Why Tesla?

One may answer “hype” but that’s not the case. Many who are concerned about environmental issues but still love driving and can’t do without a vehicle. They also choose Tesla as they don’t have to fill it with toxic gasoline. It’s simply cheaper as you don’t have to waste money on fossil fuels.

Tesla also provides one with better safety. It’s a lot easy to manage them rather than other vehicles. It may be a question of a wheel, but Tesla is more pleasant to drive. It also can achieve 60mph in under 2.5 sec and has an up-to-date auto-piloting function and other various functions. Here is how to put tesla in neutral.

After test driving, you are likely to start thinking about the purchase.

Video: How to Test Drive a Tesla

Tesla has added a new test drive option and this may be the future of test drives, watch this video.

To Conclude

Now you know a few ways of how to test drive a Tesla. There are test drives and you can get there (make sure you’ve got a valid driver’s license), get to special test drive events, and drive a Tesla by renting it from agencies or from your Californian friend (in fact, it can be any friend who owns Tesla).

Stop scrolling website endlessly and watching videos. You know your opportunities, have instructions – go for it.

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