How to Put Tesla in Neutral - Best Useful Tips 2022

How to Put Tesla in Neutral – Efficient Guide for Drivers

Far apart from many auto owners, Tesla-heads don’t need to put their cars in neutral frequently. On the other hand, when it comes to towing Tesla, or car wash, or need a car rolling without one’s help, or other circumstances, it’s better to understand how to put Tesla in neutral.

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How to Put Tesla in Neutral - Efficient Guide for Drivers Fastest tesla

It’s not really difficult to do, in fact, it takes a few other things to perform in order to put Tesla in neutral mode (it’d be done to avoid switching modes unintentionally). Additionally, remember that shifting your Tesla in neutral can make your auto roll freely backward.

No Time to Get Through Details?

You are able to put the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in neutral by pushing their gear stalk up or down into the first position and holding it for a while.

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How to Put Tesla in Neutral - Efficient Guide for Drivers Fastest tesla

In case you are a Tesla Model X or Model S owner, you have to softly move the gear lever up or down, provided its place.

If you deal with newer models (2021+), turn to the screen and find the right shift buttons.

Read below to learn how to put any Tesla model in neutral and how can you make use of transport/tow mode to do so.

How To Put the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in Neutral

Just for the record, both models are quite similar when it comes to gear switch work. Keep in mind that you have to force down the brake pedal to change gears during park mode turned on. 

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How to Put Tesla in Neutral - Efficient Guide for Drivers Fastest tesla

In order to do so with both Teslas, you have to move the gear stalk down or up just like you would be engaging reverse or for example drive. At this moment, hold your it for a moment.

Keep on moving the gear stalk whereas the brake pedal is being pressed with your foot.

Your auto will alert you once the neutral mode is successfully entered. At that point, let the gear stalk go. Additionally, don’t switch the auto to park mode by yourself after doing so. The Tesla shall do it immediately once the door is opened.

How To Put the Tesla Model X and Model S in Neutral

The more complicated the vehicle is, the more accurate and gentle you should treat it -that’s it. So be ready to put up with more delicate Tesla settings.

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How to Put Tesla in Neutral - Efficient Guide for Drivers Fastest tesla

You have to know that the neutral mode is in the middle between drive mode and reverse mode. This is why it demands a bit more attention. So you check the engaged gear in order to know which side you should turn the shifter.

It’s the central position you should turn the shifter to and wait for a few seconds, towards switching both models in neutral.

In case the auto is in reverse mode, you should turn the gear stalk downwards and keep it so for a while. If it’s in drive mode, move it up and grasp it.

If you’re not sure whether you succeeded in switching the car to neutral or not, the screen shall show you.

How To Put the 2021+ Tesla Model X and Model S in Neutral

The public was stunned when model S appeared on the market. Far apart model 3 or any other model there were neither gear shifts nor indicator shifts. Additionally, most Tesla drivers were also surprised by the steering wheel and cockpit design in general.

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How to Put Tesla in Neutral - Efficient Guide for Drivers Fastest tesla

On the other hand, different models such as Model 3 at least had a gear stalk, which is thought convenient. So, one big difference that really amazed people back in 2021 is the absence of gear shift.

A lot of people were confused with a new screen and everything, so Elon Musk had to comment on it. He declared that the shifter was “annoying”.

Now, the driver has to turn to the touch screen or console in order to switch to the gear required.

All you have to do towards putting your vehicle in neutral is to press the car icon on the screen, press the “neutral” icon, and then await a bit before car mode is changed.

There is also an option to switch one gear to another: pressing gear buttons.

Another peculiar thing about the newest models is that you have to do almost nothing to swap gears.

Provided circumstances, the car does quite a lot on its own. As such, once your seatbelt is buckled, your car will automatically switch to drive or reverse. In case you’re not fond of this smart option, you can deactivate this system using the center console.

When you need to put the car in neutral, turn to the center console. There is a permanent car icon on it. Press it down, search and then press the neutral icon.

Now, look below the center console. There are gear buttons that make it easier to switch gears. Using them allow you to avoid touch screen. If you want so, you may use just buttons, avoiding the screen at all.

In order to shift into neutral, just find the car icon and then tap the “N” button and that’s it.

Now, look at the hazard button. There are shift buttons on both sides of it. They all should be below the center console. To see the shifter settings, just press the panel with the hazard button.

Using Transport Mode

One convenient feature Elon Musk added to Tesla is disabling the parking brakes, which automatically leads to the car being put in neutral. The company wanted their autos to be able to be placed on dollies or flatbeds.

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How to Put Tesla in Neutral - Efficient Guide for Drivers Fastest tesla

Here is an instruction on how to put Tesla in neutral using transport mode:

To begin with, the car should have low voltage power, so make certain it has.

Shift gears in the “park” mode. 

Then keep holding the brake pedal and at the same time tap access “Controls” on the screen. 

Foremost, press on “service” and next press “towing”. 

Tap and keep holding the “transport mode” button till the color’s changed to blue. 

After doing so, the parking brake will be disengaged, and you’ll be able to tow the car. Nevertheless, remember that you can tow your Tesla not faster than 3 miles per hour (4.83 kilometers per hour).

In order to avoid overheating and save quite a lot of car details, Tesla advises towing not more, than 32.8 feet (10 m). The company also disapproves of pulling off a Tesla with its wheels being on the ground. 

To be honest, there are no other options to engage transport mode. In case you need your vehicle to stay natural after opening doors, put up with transport mode.

Usually, any Tesla model would turn the vehicle back from neutral to park mode after a driver has opened the door.

To Turn the Transport Mode, You’re Better to Learn the Following:

When you press the ‘towing’ section, expect a message from Tesla which will tell you how to transport your Tesla model. Be careful to read it all, as Tesla’s instructions will guide you, so you avoid damaging your car. 

Shift Out of Neutral

To switch from either neutral to drive or reverse, you should at first press the brake pedal and then just swap to drive or reverse as you often do. The pedal should be pressed only in case you are moving slower than 5 m/p.

Common Questions

When we learn more about anything, we find out things we were unaware of. Here are answers to a few common questions.

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How to Put Tesla in Neutral - Efficient Guide for Drivers Fastest tesla

Is it Possible to “Freewheel” a Tesla on Neutral?

Well, yes, it’s possible. The point is there are just two cases for doing so: you drive down from a hill or come to a halt. Keep in mind that it barely affects your range count of the dash, so it’s a big question whether it’s efficient to do.

In fact, there aren’t a lot of Tesla owners who are fond of freewheeling their vehicles in neutral.

You’re better to set the regen system and then push the accelerator (so that it doesn’t show any power movements), rather than just freewheel your car. If you do so, the car will stay in drive, and you will be able to accelerate or decelerate in a blink of an eye.

Thanks to Elon Musk, there is a Tesla regenerative braking system. It helps to store kinetic energy and not brake it; that increases your Tesla model range. If you freewheel a Tesla on neutral, the regen system gets odd.

Actually, it would be better to set the regen settings on maximum sometimes (like driving down the hill). Doing so will power your Tesla model with energy.

What about Ice Vehicles?

In order to freewheel an ice car, you should place a tesla in neutral. This lets gravity maintain the car’s momentum.

Though it’s a great way to lower ICE cars fuel consumption, still there are several risks.

Is it possible to put a “Dead” Tesla on Neutral?

To begin with, “dead Tesla” is a name for a model with its low voltage battery out of charge. In other words, one that needs to be fully charged.

According to this information, it’s quite impossible to put dead tesla in neutral. Remember that a low voltage battery runs the auto’s system, so in case there is no power to computers, the car just won’t work.

One interesting thing about Tesla vehicles is that even with a full battery, they will have no low voltage power at all.

All you have to do is to charge the low voltage battery outwardly. When the battery had charged enough, you can use the Tesla car’s computer and switch the vehicle to neutral.

Though it must be said that a dead low-voltage battery slowly damages your car until it's done.

You should keep in mind that the battery we talk about should always be full of “juice” so there is nothing you could complain about and search for solutions. The one thing you can do is to direct all these things interactively, as it’s tough to cope with low voltage power.

Video: How to Put Tesla in Neutral

In this video, you can watch how to put your 2021 Model X or S into Neutral.

To Conclude

Tesla has quite a lot to discover about it: using kinetic energy, automatic position shift (must be convenient to have modes automatically shift), the tesla logo, and so on and so force. Tesla isn’t just a car, it is the future.

Must be tough to focus on something needed with this whole load of information, so check the following:

When it comes to Tesla Model Y or Model 3 you push the gear stick up or down and held it there for a second.

To deal with Tesla Model X or Model S all you have to do is to push the gear stick up and down slowly, provided its position.

To cope with Tesla 2021+ Model S or Model X there are two ways: pressing neutral on the car screen or below the central console.

It’s important to service your car so it works fine. To keep your car safe and sound mind given knowledge. Here is how much does a tesla weigh.

We do hope you have learned everything you needed about putting Tesla in neutral.

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