what happens if your tesla runs out of battery - top 3 tips

Tesla battery: what happens if your Tesla runs out of battery?

Electric cars have become an attribute of modernity, not only because of their rather unusual design but also because of their environmental friendliness. However, the battery’s life is not eternal without a constant means of charging.

That is why many Tesla owners are afraid of the situation in which their electric vehicle runs out of battery and there is no charging station nearby. In this article, we will analyze how long the battery lasts, what are the reasons for the rapid discharge of the battery, and also what to do if you suddenly run out of charge on your Tesla.

How long does electric vehicle battery power last?

How long an electric vehicle battery can last when fully charged from a charging station depends on the model of Tesla, but more often than not, a regular Tesla battery, when fully charged, can safely allow you to drive about 250 miles.

That is, you can safely drive one and a half or two hours with a fully functional car.

If we are talking in general about how long the battery life of an electric car’s battery lasts on average, then it’s also difficult to answer here, because it all depends on how you take care of the car. However, Tesla cars manufacturer claims that their batteries can be used for 21 to 35 years, which is a very good indicator.

What happens if Tesla’s vehicle runs out of battery?

To confidently use the Tesla electric vehicle, you need to know in advance what exactly can happen if the battery of your car runs out.


Firstly, on the Tesla screen, you will see a warning massage or just a red battery indicator near the battery icon, which means that the battery is starting to lose charge and is about to stop giving power to your vehicle.

However, even after the battery reaches zero, the electric car runs at least 10 miles.

This is done specifically so that you can get to the nearest charging station. You should be as rational as possible with this number of miles since you can’t use them for normal driving, it’s like an emergency.

It may happen that the car simply stalls on the road if suddenly you have already spent an emergency 10-20 miles.

In this case, if this happened in the city, most likely you will be helped by tow truck drivers. The car must be in transport mode for a successful tow truck towing. On the other hand, some models of electric vehicles have special buttons to call operators.

Why can Tesla’s battery charge decrease?

Of course, the battery will lose charge anyway and need power, however, some factors can increase the load on the battery during charging, and because of this situation, the

Tesla will stop without a charge in the middle of the road and becomes more likely.

Below you can find a list of reasons why the battery charge in electric vehicles can become worse.

Battery strength 

The first thing that directly affects the charge of an electric car is battery strength. As mentioned earlier, a Tesla battery can last from 20 years in working condition. However, it all depends on your care, since the older the battery gets, the faster it wears out and loses its charge, which will even have to make a replacement battery.

Car weight 

The power of an electric vehicle directly depends on the weight of the car, since the heavier the car, the more charge the battery will need to make it go. Because of this, you need to know in advance what weight will be optimal for your battery. You can find this information in the owner’s manual or just research your model of Tesla and their weight.

Style of driving 

You must take good care of your electric car, not only in terms of maintenance and trips to showrooms but also in everyday driving style. The more you overclock, constantly get into potholes, etc., the worse the battery’s performance becomes.

Tesla model

Be sure to know what model of Tesla electric car you have, because if you do not understand what kind of battery your model needs and how this battery works, you can make the vehicle charge more slowly and worse by improper use.

Charging point 

How you charge your electric car at the charging station also affects how your battery works.

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You need to stick to the range from 20 to 90, i.e. don’t let the charge go below 20 and charge above 90. If you constantly break this rule, the battery will wear out faster from overload.


If you do not regularly visit car dealerships or do not monitor the condition of your car yourself, your battery has a huge potential to break down and start to work much worse.


It’s best to schedule yourself when you charge and check your battery.


With constant hard acceleration and deceleration, your battery has to use a lot of energy in a short period, which can eventually degrade the performance of the vehicle. For example, if you are driving down the road with a full battery, but you are constantly accelerating or braking hard, you will notice later that the battery power drops too rapidly.

Regular route 

Here, of course, the situation cannot be completely controlled by you, but even the type of road can affect the battery charge. The more difficult the road in terms of turns and climbs, the faster the battery power will be consumed. It would be better for you to analyze the road before your trip to be more confident during the ride.

What can you do when Tesla or other electric vehicles’ batteries run out of battery?

If, nevertheless, a situation has occurred that electric vehicles have stopped in the middle of the road without a battery charge and at the same time the nearest charging station is not closed, then below you can find tips on what to do in such a situation.

Roadside assistance service in electric car

First, try roadside assistance. You can do this by contacting the operator, be sure to notify the operator himself that you have an electric car. From roadside assistance, you can get a flatbed truck or portable charger.

Tow truck

Also, if you are staying far from the city, you can call the tow truck yourself. Tow truck comes and picks up electric vehicles that are in the wrong place, but they can also help you take the vehicle to the charging point.

Mobile charger

You need to contact those support so that they can tell you where the nearest enterprise with a mobile charger recently is located to charge the electric car.


Or they can bring you a mobile charger. On the other hand, you can buy a mobile charger by yourself even if the battery charge in your Tesla is always up, in the case of some consequences.


What happens if Tesla battery goes to zero?

Electric car runs for a while after your battery went to zero. During this time, you must either contact roadside assistance or use your miles to get to the nearest charger. However, when those miles run out, your vehicle will simply stay where it is, unable to drive further.

How far can a Tesla go without running out of battery?

Tesla claims that the Tesla battery at zero charges still leaves the car able to drive 10 to 20 miles to get to the nearest charging point. However, it is better to count on exactly 10 miles, so as not to get stuck in the middle of the road with a sharply deactivated Tesla battery. In advance, open a map on the car screen or your phone with the location of all charging stations.

What happens if a Tesla fully dies?

Electric cars just stop if the battery is full of dies. If the battery is just dead, you can call a tow truck and drive to the nearest charger. However, if the battery is completely broken, you have to call a tow truck to get to the nearest car dealership, which can replace the Tesla batteries.

Can you push a Tesla if the battery dies?

EV drivers are always wondering if it’s possible to push their cars to the charging point. Yes, the main thing is to disconnect the parking brakes, so that it would be more convenient for you to push it. However, a good option is to create a trailer with another car and let another driver pull your car.


We hope that after reading this article you will no longer be bothered by the question “what happens if your Tesla runs out of battery?”, as now you know the answer. Moreover, now you understand what you can do in a situation where you have run out of battery charge and there are no electric charging stations nearby, such as using roadside assistance.

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