Sentry mode battery drain - a step-by-step guide: 5 top tips

Sentry mode battery drain – Solution

Tesla owner vehicles are equipped with amazing features for more convenient use; however, these features prevent the vehicle from idling when not in use. One such feature is sentry mode, which drains the battery even when the car is parked and not in use. While this feature is great, it can drain your battery if you’re not careful. This article is about sentry mode battery drain in Tesla.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

On average, Tesla’s hourly mode uses about a mile-per-hour battery percentage. The degree of drainage sometimes depends on the model of your Tesla.

So if you keep your Tesla in standby sentry mode for eleven days (equivalent to 264 miles), you’ll likely end up with a dead Tesla. By comparison, a parked Tesla without sentry mode can last up to twenty days on a single charge.

Tesla watch mode

Tesla’s sentry mode is an advanced security feature that uses in-car Tesla cameras to detect and record suspicious activity.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

When sentry mode is activated, it goes into standby mode, consuming a significant amount of power while constantly monitoring the environment. When sentry mode turns detects a possible infection, it goes into “alert” mode, activates the car’s alarm system, and records a video of the events.

If a more serious attack is detected, for example, if an intrusion attempt is detected, the Sentry mode will set the status to “alert” by alerting the vehicle and notifying the owner of the event.

For Tesla owners with the Tesla app, you’ll get an instant push notification on your phone to get the app listing.

Sentry mode is designed to give you peace of mind when taking your Tesla out unattended. Sentry mode eliminates potential threats and the possibility of identifying hazards in the event of a break-in or vandalism and can help ensure your vehicle is safe.

Why is save mode draining my battery?

Owners of new Teslas love sentry mode, which keeps an eye on the car while they’re away. However, the drop in battery percentage that is observed every time after a long period of inactivity in sentry mode is not expected in most cases.

If sentry mode is left on for about 11 days and not used, Tesla says the battery may be dead when you pick up your car. This is a big difference from 20 days when your device can work but not in sentry mode. So, why does this feature drain Tesla’s sentry battery?

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

When sentry mode is on, your Tesla model is always in standby mode and never actually turns off, even in park mode. Watch sentry mode uses cameras and sensors. They use a lot of batteries to monitor the car’s surroundings.

Due to excessive battery discharge, Tesla cars have a preset failure that prevents the battery from being completely discharged when the vehicle is not in use. When the vehicle percentage reaches 20%, a Tesla sentry mode is automatically disabled, but the vehicle remains in vulnerable mode.

However, you will receive a notification via the mobile app if the watchdog sentry mode is disabled due to low battery.

If your car is safely parked in a garage, you may not need to keep sentry mode on all the time. Basically, once you’re safely parked, you can disable sleep mode to save battery.

Is this really a problem?

In most cases, losses over a short period of time are relatively small, and since many people connect to the grid overnight to charge, they do not see the effects of “vampire burnout”.

However, over the course of a year, a significant amount of energy can accumulate. The Tesla sentry mode alone can use over 500 kWh per year, which can cost $200/£200 or more depending on your electricity bill.

Another situation where this condition is more noticeable is when the car is parked for more than a few days and is not charged. A typical example is airport long-term parking if you’re leaving for a two-week vacation or business trip. Incorrect settings can cause the vehicle to lose more than 2% to 3% per day, and two weeks of driving can result in a 50% battery loss.

Do I have to leave the security mode always on?

Tesla sentry mode use provides active protection against vandalism to your vehicle by monitoring the surrounding environment for threats. However, keeping this built-in feature active will drain your battery.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

So expect your Tesla to lose charge at a rate of about one mile per hour if left unattended. However, we recommend disabling the mode via the Tesla app to minimize battery drain.

Most modern Tesla vehicles have other important safety features without draining the battery. These warning sensors tesla app alert the owner by reporting a possible threat to the vehicle.

Sentry mode battery drain

While sentry mode drains Tesla’s energy faster, it’s an important feature. Knowing how to manage internal battery drain and charge and keep the Tesla awake when not in use is critical.

Park at the charging station

Parking by the charger is the easiest way not to drain the battery. So, you can leave your car in sentry mode without worrying about consumes battery life.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

All you have to do is find a garage with constant access to the charging station. With Tesla, you can use sentry mode use even when the car is plugged in and charging.

Limit the use of third-party applications

Using a third-party app to enable sentry mode will drain your battery. While this has its benefits, it’s not worth it if you’re trying to preserve battery life. Limit the use of third-party applications when needed and disable them when not in use.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla


If you plan to leave your car for an extended period of time, you should plan ahead by making sure your car is adequately charged. In this way, you can avoid draining how much battery, and don’t worry about Tesla cars being in sentry mode.


Tesla sentry mode is a great security measure to keep your Tesla vehicle safe while parking. To take full advantage of sentry mode without worrying about how much battery, it’s best to park near the charger. You can install a home charger if you don’t live near a charging station.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

Frequently asked questions

Should I keep sentry mode on all the time?

Sentry mode typically activates sensors and cameras to detect vandalism when the vehicle is left in the garage or parking lot. The watchdog mode must remain active for a longer period of time.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

How much power does sentry mode consume?

A long period of time will drain or shorten battery life at a rate of one mile per hour.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

Why does my Tesla battery drain while parked?

Your Tesla loses range when parked, caused by something called “vampire battery drain” or just “vampire drain”. This can vary from a few kilometers per day to significant amounts depending on the settings in the car and can be a problem if you leave your car on holiday.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

How long does sentry battery last?

Keep in mind that watchdog mode will be disabled when the vehicle reaches 50 miles of charge or 20% battery charge, leaving 212 hours of watchdog usage in this scenario.

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

Should you turn on cabin overheat protection Tesla?

Cabin overheating protection is active until 12 hours have elapsed from Model 3 exit or until the battery charge drops below 20%, whichever comes first. Wonder how to valet a Tesla, read

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Sentry mode battery drain – Solution Fastest tesla

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