How To Clean Tesla Seats - 12 Finest Tips and Tricks

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats – Useful Tips and Tricks

Any self-respecting auto owner knows when it’s time to clean car seats. When it comes to Tesla, everybody is fascinated with Tesla vegan leather seats. Regardless of the vehicle, all Tesla owners should be aware of diverse options of how to clean Tesla seats.

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats - Useful Tips and Tricks Fastest tesla

Tesla advisors recommend the following method to clean Tesla seats: you should take non-detergent soap with a soft cloth moistened in warm water. Besides, it’s allowed to put a real leather cleaner in use, despite the fact that the majority of Tesla seats are made of vegan leather.

Additionally, according to the user manual, it’s better not to use bleach, acetone, detergents, stain removers, or other tools you may use to clean your flooring or to do the dishes.

Read below to learn how to cleanse Tesla seats, how to keep them safe and sound, and what tools you should opt for.

What Is Tesla’s Vegan Leather?

To begin with, we’d like to focus on this little topic as quite a lot of people have heard about such thing as vegan leather, but a few know what it really is.

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats - Useful Tips and Tricks Fastest tesla

So to speak, it’s not real leather. This is a combination of plastic, wood pulp, and different chlorine that make it much more eco-friendly and less damaging to the environment (no need for cows to pass away). State-of-the-art results are stunningly similar to real leather, which is an outstanding innovation.

Real leather is popular among clothes and car designers for its durability, but the more complex technologies become, the more challenging it gets to tell the difference between vegan leather and a real one.

Tesla wanted to create a material that would serve as long as a natural alternative, but with no harm to animals. It was tough to achieve this durability as real leather has, but Tesla managed to do it.

How To Clean Tesla Seats – The Finest Instruction

No wonder the best way to cleanse Tesla seats is to follow the manufacturer’s advice.

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats - Useful Tips and Tricks Fastest tesla

To begin with, you should buy non-detergent soap. As it was already mentioned, our domestic tools (that contain diverse artificial ingredients) may harm Tesla’s vegan leather seats, so it’s vital to choose tools wisely.

Another critical tool is a microfiber cloth. It also can be a soft one in order to not damage the leather surface.

Cleaning itself is quite simple: you just apply some soap on the cloth and delicately wipe the seats in a circular motion. It’s essential to be light while treating tesla seats, as inappropriate cleaning may lead to resides and other harmful post effects.

Choose Your Cleaning Products Wisely

The CarGuys Super Cleaner is considered to be one of the best for Tesla seats. As it’s water-based, there is no need to work hard on stains – they will be washed away easily.

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats - Useful Tips and Tricks Fastest tesla

The fact that Super Cleaner may be used in many ways confuses some customers, but actually, it shouldn’t as it performs in cleaning really well.

A little tip. Put a little Cleaner onto a soft cloth, so you don't waste too much of the liquid and cover more surfaces. Remember, it's important to wipe gently.

How To Keep Your Tesla Seats Safe And Sound: A Few Advices

Buy A Good Protector

One significant thing to protect vegan leather seats is to use leather protection.

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats - Useful Tips and Tricks Fastest tesla

Before you begin, make certain to take a small test and apply some protectors to a few remote or unnoticeable areas of your car in order to be sure of the effect on visible surfaces.

Foremost, you should remove dirt and other debris with a clean cloth or a brush. Only after doing so, you’re allowed to direct leather seats with a leather shield. Make sure you apply protection with a thin layer. When you’re done, get rid of excesses using a soft cloth.

Averagely, leather protection will maintain performance for about half a year, but in case your vegan seats are under direct sunlight, or you use your Tesla every day, you’re likely to refresh it a bit sooner.

Well-Organized Cleaning Routine

Another essential point of keeping Tesla seats clean is regular cleaning.

You’re better to keep a brush, washing mitts, or a clean cloth in your glove compartment. Make sure to use only non-detergent soap while cleaning and get rid of the foam.

Forget About Sanitizers

You’re better not to keep a sanitizer in your car if you don’t want any chemical residues in your Tesla, as alcohol in sanitizers may do a lot of harm to your vegan leather seats. This is why it’s better to sanitize your hands before getting in your Tesla. Once again, you’re not forbidden to use sanitizers, just keep ’em in your bag, not in a car.

Get Seat Covers

One important notice: Tesla advisors recommend avoiding buying after-market seat covers. It's a fact that they suppress seat occupancy sensors' work. But it's to say about permanent ones.

Still, this is one of the must-have tools for Tesla owners, particularly for those who possess white Tesla seats. For dog lovers, it’s a vital tool as you certainly don’t want to find your precious white seats scratched and covered in fur.

Mind Clothes

Be careful with trousers of dark color as they can damage your surfaces. In case you got them new, you should definitely wash them before you get on your driver’s seat. Furthermore, white seats get dirty after wet dark clothes were on them. It’s ridiculous to stay in rain or snowfall instead of getting in a car just because you want to keep seats clean, which is why you’ll need some seat covers.

Pay Attention To Items In Your Car

Also, be careful with putting any objects on your clean vegan leather seats. Dirty, soiled bags or packages may leave stains on your vegan leather seats, so ensure tossing these objects on a floor or buy a special cover.

In any way, you should get used to checking your seats every time you leave your car.

Ceramic Coating For Vegan Leather

In order to save your seating surfaces from high temperatures, drying out, and bursting, there is such a great feature as a ceramic coating. There are also Tesla owners proclaiming that protective coating not only defended their seats from the sun but also prevented Tesla surfaces from color shifting from clothes to seats.

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats - Useful Tips and Tricks Fastest tesla

There’s nothing difficult in covering your vegan leather seats with a ceramic coating, so it may be done by both the car owner and by a professional.

Cleaning Tesla Model 3

Although, water and non-detergent soap are good in any way, when it comes to Tesla model 3, it’s good to have some baby wipes in your glove carpenter, especially if you’re a Tesla Model 3 owner. In these cars sitting surfaces are made of vegan leather so in most cases it’ll be enough to use baby wipes to clean your seats.

One peculiar similarity between baby’s skin and vegan leather is that they both are very sensitive. This is why baby wipes are quite convenient to be used with vegan leather seats, as there is no chance for chemical residues to appear. These wipes may be enough, so you don’t need to use any special Cleaner.

It's important for any Tesla owner to remember that anything similar to dish soap may be harmful to your seats as it contains diverse harsh chemicals.

Don’t forget to wipe dry all surfaces after cleaning. Here is how to reboot tesla model 3.

Black And White Tesla Seats

When you’re only at the start of purchasing your Tesla, you’re to choose seat colors. There are two of them to opt for: black and white. But the truth is that there is also a bit of a difference in care methods for them, though they are all made of vegan leather.

Keep reading to learn the difference between these two car seats.

Black Tesla Seats

As it was already mentioned, both black and white seats are made of the same material. But is this true that keeping black seats clean is easier rather than white ones? Well, as white clothes, for example, is a bit of a challenge to wear as it gets dirty easily, the same happens with car interior surfaces.

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats - Useful Tips and Tricks Fastest tesla

To be more precise, the cleaning tesla seats process is pretty the same for both colors, but stains are not this obvious to notice on black Tesla seats. All you have to do is to have some damp cloth, a brush, some water, and non-detergent soap will be enough to keep it fine.

So, to a certain extent, it’s a bit of a myth that black seats are easier to cope with. The main point is that you don’t have to repel stains as fast as if they were white ones (you won’t probably even notice stains at first).

White Tesla Seats

Though we’ve just stated that there isn’t much difference between keeping black and white tesla seats clean, the comparison with white clothes is still relevant.

Easy Ways How To Clean Tesla Seats - Useful Tips and Tricks Fastest tesla

It’s quite tough to cope with tesla white seats as they need some extra care. As it was mentioned, simple damp dark jeans can leave a spot, not to say about cosmetics or other harsh chemicals that may be dropped on your white seats. Even sun protection may damage the surface.

One key cleaning vegan leather tip is preventative measures. The best you can do is to get to the nearest Tesla office for a professional treatment to ensure that your premium interior is defined and ready for long work.

What Is Non-Detergent Soap?

Unlike other abrasive cleaning products, non-detergent soap is made of natural components, which ensures gentle car treatment. This is the reason Tesla advises to use this cleaning tool besides dish soap, for example.

Forget about bleaches, stain removers, shampoos, and so on – they will lead to drying out and discoloration. Use only a soft cloth, appropriate soap, and circular motion to cleanse your seats.

A Few Words About Seat Stains

Now, we’ll cover a few common mistakes that lead to new stains. The very first thing to know – the best argument is the argument that hasn’t even started, so preventing does best.

Be Attentive With Sunscreens

It may come as a surprise, but besides drinks, food debris, or other menaces, one rather dangerous item for your seat cover is sunscreen.

Though cosmetics are important (and it’s unbearable to sunbathe without sunscreen), they should fall onto your vegan leather seats, not a single drop.

If you leave the sunscreen or a lotion drop on your clean white tesla seats, it'll be almost impossible to get rid of it.

In order to remove stains, take a non-detergent soap and a lint-free cloth (or any clean one), and with a circular motion address the stain. Do it as quick as possible, otherwise, there is a risk of getting a brown hue, which won’t really make a white interior premium package.

In case, you have to get in your Tesla with sunscreen on, check the seats to notice whether there is a fresh spot. If it is, remove it as described above.

What To Do With Jean Stains

Blue jeans, particularly the ones with dark dyes, are definitely aren’t the best clothes to drive a Tesla in. Indigo-dyed denim is also a bad choice, particularly for white seats. The thing is that when you seat quite long, there is an opportunity for dye transfer, and it isn’t what you want to see in your driver’s seat.

The issue may be worsened by rain. It was already stated that you shouldn’t be getting soaked in a rain just to keep your seats clean.

Just remember that wet heavy transfer will have an effect on the surfaces. 

There are two main ways – get in a car before it starts raining or have a special seat cover in a pitch. Ideally, you’re better to work on your wardrobe.

Additionally, changing some clothes in the wardrobe may be elbow grease for some people, or they just simply don’t want to do it. But still, if you want your spectacular white seats to work for years, consider buying fabrics that don’t stain.

Don’t panic, nothing will happen after you get in your jeans in your car. One time won’t hurt. But doing so now and gain will definitely affect your Tesla interior in a rather bad way.

One important notice. Tesla seats are stain-resistible, as there are already some modifications that make it easy to cleanse the seats. The main thing to remember – to do cleaning as fast as manageable.

Video: How To Clean Tesla Seats

In this video, you can watch how to clean tesla seats and a easy and affordable way to keep your Tesla seats clean and looking brand new.

Final word

There aren’t any troubles with cleaning Tesla white seats. The most important is to be gentle and use forgiving cleaning tools.

One vital thing to remember – don’t panic and try to remove the stain as quickly as you can.

Hope, you found this article useful. Let us know in a comment section.

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