How to Clean Tesla Interior - Efficient Tips for Users 2022

How to Clean Tesla Interior – Ultimate Guide

The lack of frequent and gentle cleaning of the interior is one of the main factors why a Tesla becomes less and less valuable and, as a result, its price drops when it is subsequently sold to someone. While cleaning should occur regularly in both the interior and along the body of the car, in this article, we will take a close look at how to clean Tesla interior. More info follow.

How to Clean Tesla Interior - Ultimate Guide Fastest tesla

Every part of your Tesla’s interior needs to be cleaned using specific products and different methods, so in this article, we will look at how you can clean different parts of the interior so that you have a comprehensive cleaning of your car, while not missing out on anything.

Here is a cleaning solution for you.

How to Clean the Dashboard

Vacuum thoroughly through the ventilation holes, along the buttons, and between the switches. Many debris and dust accumulate in the vents, so you should clean them thoroughly by holding the vacuum cleaner near them for a while to get all the dust-out. Don’t forget to clean each rib of the vents as well.

How to Clean Tesla Interior - Ultimate Guide Fastest tesla

Pay special attention to each button and switch. You should purchase a soft brush to wipe down hard-to-reach areas. Many users use a toothbrush, but this is fundamentally wrong and leads to damaged parts.

Wet a microfiber towel, then wring it out so that it is not wet, but slightly damp. Wipe the entire plastic surface of the car thoroughly. Do not splash water directly on the dashboard, as water particles can get into the electrical parts and cause a short circuit. A towel is enough to remove all dust from the surface of the dashboard without spilling anything.

Apply Sonax Cleaner to the brush. Do not spray it on the dashboard, this can cause unpleasant consequences. When you have sprayed enough cleaner onto the brush, wipe the entire dashboard and hard-to-reach areas. Do not clean the gauge reservoir in this way. Do it thoroughly until you get perfect results.

Don't overlook the small parts that are near the buttons. But do not use a large amount of cleaner in these areas.

Next, apply a very small amount of cleaner to a disposable paper towel and gently wipe the gauge reservoir. You don’t want to damage this container, so you don’t want to rub it with a brush.

Once you’ve gone over the entire panel with a damp towel, you’ll need to wipe it dry. To do this, use a new microfiber towel.

Next, take Armor All and a clean towel, spray it all over the surface of the towel, and cover all the parts of the dashboard with this product. It will help you avoid further cleaning for a long time as it protects the surface from excessive dust.

How to Clean the Center Console

Below you will find a detail instructions how to clean the center console:

How to Clean Tesla Interior - Ultimate Guide Fastest tesla
  1. Remove everything from the center console and get rid of dust and debris with a toothbrush, but don’t forget the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Take any all-purpose interior cleaner and spray it on the center console of the Tesla.
  3. Take a Scotch-Brite and gently wipe the entire surface. You don’t want to put any pressure on it so you don’t inadvertently scratch the console. In the dirtiest areas, you can apply a little more force, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  4. Where you can’t penetrate with the Scotch-Brite, a magic eraser will come in handy.
  5. Next, turn on the steam cleaner and pass it over all parts of the surface, without missing a single detail. You should be careful and keep the steam cleaner in one place for a long time, as well as keep steam away from outlets and USB ports.
  6. Take a new microfiber cloth and wipe the entire center console well, not forgetting the small parts.

How to Clean the Interior Door Panels

  1. Pull out everything in the door pockets.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all coarse and fine dirt from there.
  3. Protect the controls by placing a dry towel on top of them.
  4. Once all the controls are thoroughly protected, spray a universal cleaner all over the door panel.
  5. Take a large brush to wipe down the surface and also go over the inside pockets with it. Do the job thoroughly until the door panels are completely clean.
  6. Take a soft brush and apply some all-purpose cleaner to clean the controls and hard-to-reach areas.
  7. Take a clean, microfiber cloth and go over the entire surface of the door panel again.
  8. Take out Armor All and coat the surface of the clean microfiber cloth with it, then apply it to the door panel to provide protection from contamination.

How to Clean the Touch Screen

The Tesla’s touchscreen is extremely sensitive, so it is worth paying the utmost attention to cleaning it so as not to damage anything in the process.

How to Clean Tesla Interior - Ultimate Guide Fastest tesla

First, you will need to start the screen cleaning mode. To do this, open Controls, then the Display tab, and there you’ll find Screen Cleanup Mode. When this mode turns on, the display will turn off and let you see all the dust and grease stains.

Buy special screen wipes and use them to clean your screen. Always use only tools that are designed for wiping touch screens and electronics. You should not rely on a microfiber towel here, as it can damage the touchscreen surface and destabilize the sensor itself.

Avoid using alcohol and water.

When you have cleaned the screen of dust and smudges, tap the screen for a few seconds to have the Tesla turn off screen cleaning mode.

How to Clean the Floor and Floor Mats

The floor of the Tesla contains a huge amount of debris and dirt, and the carpet is almost the most difficult part of the Tesla to clean.

How to Clean Tesla Interior - Ultimate Guide Fastest tesla

Cleaning of Rubber/Plastic Floor Mats

  1. Remove the floor mats from the vehicle and place them on a flat surface away from the vehicle.
  2. Wash them thoroughly using a regular garden hose or, if available, a high-pressure washer to get rid of the first layer of dirt. The floor mats should be washed on one side and on the other.
  3. Mix the cleaner and degreaser with the amount of water listed in the product’s instructions and cover the car mats with this mixture.
  4. Use a brush to remove any remaining dirt from the mats.
  5. Rinse the mats in water, you can again use a garden hose for this.
  6. Then you will need to coat the mats with liquid detergent and go over them again with a brush.
  7. Rinse them again with the hose and then dry them with a clean towel.
  8. Coat them with a degreaser to create a shine, then wipe them again.

Cleaning of the Carpet

Pull out all mats and anything that is on the floor and can be cleaned without tools. This includes large debris, miscellaneous supplies, and other unnecessary items that will interfere with cleaning.

  1. Vacuum the surface, thoroughly removing all accumulated debris.
  2. Examine the carpet to figure out grease and dirt stains. Highlight these areas, and coat them with stain and grease cleaner, holding them under the cleaner for about twenty seconds.
  3. Scrub these areas with a carpet brush.
  4. Re-do this procedure until the floor is free of all stains.
  5. Wipe these areas with a regular towel to finally get rid of the stains and grease. Wipe as long as it takes to complete the procedure.
  6. For areas with more discoloration, use carpet shampoo diluted with water and a carpet brush also as described above.
  7. Then wipe off the dirt with a clean towel.
  8. Vacuum the surface of the carpet to get rid of any residual cleaning agents.

Dry the carpet by leaving the door open for a while.

How to Clean the Seats

The Tesla Model 3 has cloth seats by default, but you’ll find faux leather seats in the premium models, which cost significantly more than the Tesla comes standard.

How to Clean Tesla Interior - Ultimate Guide Fastest tesla

Cleaning Cloth Seats

Vacuum all seats thoroughly to remove accumulated dust.

Spray hot water on all stains and grease areas. If the soiled area covers a large portion of the seat, you will need more water.

When fifteen seconds have passed, suck all the water out with a vacuum cleaner. Use a special cleaner for this, if you don’t have one, a regular one with a special nozzle will also come in handy.

Dilute a little detergent in a bucket and apply it to the soiled areas. After fifteen seconds, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the rest of the detergent.

If the stain is not removed after these steps, you should start again until you are successful. The force you apply to the vacuum cleaner is very important, so try to press the nozzle more firmly against the seat.

Depending on how big the stain is and how badly it’s embedded in the fabric, this process can be repeated more than once or twice until it’s effective. But cleaning will not work if you use cold water to do it, you definitely need hot water.

Cleaning Synthetic Leather Seats

  1. Select areas that need a thorough cleaning, dilute the detergent with water, and spray it on them.
  2. Use a soft brush to wipe off the stain.
  3. Then wipe the spot with a microfiber cloth.
  4. If the stain is not removed, repeat the action once more, until the final result.
  5. Use Armor All wipes to prevent dust and grease build-up.

How to Clean the Steering Wheel

Everything is simple, make a soap solution, take an ordinary sponge or rag and first wash the steering wheel with a soap solution, removing grease. Then take a melamine sponge and moisten it in the soap solution and with light pressure go through the whole steering wheel, periodically wringing in water, as it will collect a lot of dirt – you will see a surprise.

How to Clean Tesla Interior - Ultimate Guide Fastest tesla

After this procedure, the steering wheel becomes velvety again, takes a nice matte shade, and looks like new in general.

How to Clean the Headliner

The ceiling must be prepared for washing by removing dust and soot traces from it. To do this, use a dry microfiber cloth. If the ceiling is upholstered, it should be cleaned in the direction of the fluff.

The surface can also be vacuumed. A car vacuum cleaner or a regular vacuum cleaner should be used.

If you choose the latter option, remember that you should not turn the device on at full power - this can lead to a violation of the adhesive bonding of the surface with the substrate.

After dry cleaning, specialized cleaners are applied to the surface. Professional products are available with sprayers, which greatly simplifies the application process. To clean oil stains, microfiber cloths and soapy solutions of powder or laundry soap are used. Wet the surface evenly.

To effectively get rid of traces it is necessary to wait a few minutes after applying cleaners to the surface (this will allow the stain removers to react with the dirt). Strong dirt by no means needs to be scrubbed with force to avoid damaging the texture of the surface. They should be handled gently with a sponge or brushed with soft bristles.

If a foam cleaner is chosen to clean the ceiling, wash the surface in small sections. The foam dries quickly, so experts do not recommend applying it to the entire ceiling at once – they recommend cleaning zone by zone. The foam is applied to a part of the ceiling, and then carefully removed with a microfiber cloth.

The cleaners are washed off with a wet vacuum cleaner or fiber-free cloths (waffle towels or microfiber cloths). If removing stain removers is done with a cloth, a container of water must be prepared. The cloth is moistened in the container, slightly squeezed, and then the surface is gently cleaned with it.

After rinsing the cleaners, it is necessary to dry the surface. To do this, use a professional or ordinary hair dryer. It is better to carry out the process in a dry, heated garage or in sunny and warm days – this will contribute to the fast and effective drying of the upholstery. Here is

Video: How to Clean Tesla Interior

In this video you can find out a detailed information how to clean Tesla interior.

How to Clean the Inside of Windshields and Windows

  • It is better to choose not sunny weather for the procedure – in the sun the cleaner will quickly dry leaving streaks.
  • In freezing weather, remove only the dirt from the glass that obstructs the view, and the full cleaning is better performed at a positive temperature.
  • Before you start cleaning, wipe the glass with a dry microfiber glass cleaning cloth to collect the dust.
  • It is better to cover the dashboard with newspaper to prevent the cleaner and dirt from getting on it.
  • The cleaner is not applied to the rag or newspaper, but to the glass and then rubbed and polished.
  • Use a new piece of rag to clean each area of glass, and after cleaning, use a new microfiber cloth only for the body and not for the glass again.
  • After cleaning the glass, we recommend rubbing it dry from the inside with shaving foam or fabric conditioner with surfactants: the scale will not appear for 2-3 months.
  • To avoid condensation collecting so much, air the interior regularly, especially in winter before parking.
  • If in spite of your efforts, streaks and scumbling on the glass appear every 2-3 weeks, and there is no smoking in the car, check the serviceability of the air conditioning and ventilation systems, and replace the cabin air filter.
Remember, no cleaning will help to restore the glass, scratched and yellowed over the years. You don't have to replace your service glass when it breaks, but when the time comes.

That’s all! We hope our cleaning solution was helpful to you. Here is how to use tesla key card.

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