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How can you tow a Tesla without damaging the car?

You drive one of the best electric vehicles on the road, whether it be a Tesla Model 3 or another Tesla model. The only authorized way to flat tow Tesla is to use a flatbed tow truck, wheel lifts, or dollies to move it with all four wheels elevated. Towing with the wheels in contact with the ground can lead to overheating and serious damage since the wheels produce power when they spin.

Keep reading to find out more about this choice and how to flat tow your Tesla safely.

Towing Tesla by a tow truck or a comparable transport vehicle

While your Tesla can be towed if done so correctly, failing to follow Tesla’s suggested towing procedure could seriously harm your car!

To start, we always advise you to follow the guidelines included in your Tesla owner’s manual.

When you start reading the instructions, you’ll discover that it advises keeping all four of your Tesla’s wheels off the ground while towing, therefore a flatbed truck or trailer is required for the task.

We can confidently say that if you have these options, you can tow your Tesla indefinitely!

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How long can you tow a car?

You can keep your Model 3 there indefinitely if it is securely positioned in a flatbed truck or trailer and none of its wheels is on the ground.

Towing the Model 3 with wheel lifts and dollies, on the other hand, is only safe for 35 miles (55 kilometers) before it causes damage to your vehicle.

Safety measures to avoid damage

If, however, you are utilizing wheel lifts and dollies rather than a flatbed truck or trailer, the situation alters.

If you plan to use wheel lifts and dollies for the towing job, you run the risk of seriously damaging your car if you need to pull it for more than 35 miles.

If you tow your Tesla over a greater distance, you risk causing damage to the electrical system and battery, which might end up costing you thousands of dollars to fix.

Your Tesla produces electricity when its wheels are turning, unlike typical gas-powered vehicles, even when it is being towed. Therefore, the amount of energy generated increases with the length of time the car is being pulled.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed numerous Tesla vehicles being broken in this way.

The worst part is that some Tesla owners find themselves paying for the repairs out of pocket because doing so goes against the manufacturer’s advice and frequently loses the warranty protection.

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Towing Tesla by a flatbed truck

We can categorically state that flat towing your Tesla is something you should never attempt to do under any circumstances, even while towing it on a flatbed truck or trailer is no problem and employing wheel lifts and dollies can be utilized for a very short-distance tow.

If you do, we won’t be shocked to learn that you have a Tesla that is not only substantially damaged but also needs repairs that are not covered by the warranty.


Since your Tesla produces energy while towing, having it overheat might cause serious harm to both the battery and electrical system of your car as well as could ignite nearby regions, causing much more damage and possibly even fatal injury to people.

While flat towing is typical among RV travelers who want to bring a car along to visit locations where an RV is not permitted, you should not do this if you own a Tesla. Instead, we advise you to tow your Tesla on top of a trailer that you can attach to the back of your RV.

While it goes without saying that flat towing is not advised, some people elect to do it when their Tesla has to be recharged. Although it seems like a sensible technique to fast charge the car, it’s anything but that!

In fact, it’s thought that towing a Tesla is the least effective way to complete this task.

In these kinds of circumstances, you’ll not only need a second vehicle to tow your car, but that second vehicle will also need to travel at least 70 miles per hour.

Your car will only produce a modest amount of electricity even when doing so.

You would have to do this for at least 24 hours for it to fully charge. Instead, locate a charging station and recharge in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.

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Is it better to pull Tesla by an RV?

If you use a flatbed trailer to carry the Tesla, you may tow an RV behind it.

If this is not the case, then you must put your Tesla in Neutral in order to flat tow an RV.

Your Tesla may be safely towed behind an RV by putting the vehicle in neutral, which disables the brake and unlocks the wheels. Your motor control system is isolated as a result, allowing it to spin without the need for regenerative braking.

Even if shifting Tesla into neutral has been a common solution up until now, your car is still in danger if you do this. This is due to the possibility of your wheels overheating, which could harm them.

Additionally, Tesla discourages any form of flat towing, under any circumstances. Tesla warranty will not be liable for any damages or problems that may arise as a result, as was previously stated. Get your Tesla a permanent flatbed trailer so you can tow it behind an RV.

Transport mode to release electric parking brake

When the Model 3 is being winched onto a flatbed truck, Transport Mode keeps the parking brake disengaged. When turned on, Transport Mode shows a notice saying the car will continue to roll freely.

In activating Transport Mode, power at low voltage is necessary. If Model 3 has no power, you won’t be able to start Transport Mode via the touchscreen. A key must be detected by Model 3. The only time Transport Mode is active is when a key is found.

To turn on Transport Mode:

  • A Model 3 should be in Park.
  • Make sure the Model 3 is secure or chock the tires.
  • Hold down the brake pedal while touching Controls > Service > Towing on the touchscreen. A notification on the touchscreen reminds you how to mo
  • ve the Model 3 properly.
  • The Transport Mode button must be pressed and held down until it becomes blue. The Model 3 may now be rolled gently and freely.

Before winching the Model 3 onto a flatbed truck, activate Transport Mode. The electric vehicle must be loaded onto the authorized transportation position using self-loading dollies or tire skates if Transport Mode is not enabled or the touchscreen is inaccessible.

Tesla is not liable for any harm brought on by or incurred during the transfer of the Model 3, including harm to people’s personal belongings or harm from the use of tire skates or self-loading dollies.

Only moving the Model 3 out of a parking space or winching it onto the truck is anticipated to be possible in Transport Mode. The tires are only permitted to rotate gently (less than 5 km/h) and for a very brief distance when in transport mode (less than 10 meters). Excessive use may result in substantial damage and overheating that the warranty does not cover.

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Can you tow a Tesla (any model) or it is better to invite special services to help you? Overall, it is better not to pull it as a gas-fueled competitor, as electric cars are easily damaged.

However, there are methods to move your Tesla model 3 or 5 by a tow trucker, RV, or flatbed truck. Follow the manual and high voltage safety precautions when doing any. Call Tesla roadside assistance if you are not able to organize towing yourself.


Can a Tesla be towed by a tow truck?

Yes, but this is not the best idea. Follow the manual to flat tow the car properly. The Model 3 is best transported with a flatbed truck or similar transport equipment. When using a flatbed, the vehicle may be facing in any direction.

Does towing a Tesla damage it?

Wheel lifts and dollies must be used to raise all four wheels off the ground if the Model 3 needs to be moved without a flatbed truck. This technique must not exceed the dollies’ manufacturer-recommended speed rating and is only permitted for a distance of up to 55 kilometers. Otherwise towing Tesla will damage it.

How do you pull a Tesla?

You must put your Tesla in Transport Mode before you can start the procedure. Transport Mode is highly useful if your automobile needs to be winched in order to be placed onto a flatbed truck or trailer. It can also be utilized if you need to move your car before having it towed.

Can a Tesla be towed behind an RV?

Attract RV to pull Tesla running on neutral mode. To do this see our above section and make sure you know how to activate transport mode to pull it properly without damage. Enable transport mode to move Tesla Model 3 and 5 to let them move lighter.

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