Gemini Vs Induction Wheels for Tesla Model Y - Best Review

Gemini vs Induction wheels – Tesla Model Y

If you’re thinking about getting an electric car, you’ve probably heard of the Tesla Model Y. Gemini wheels and Induction wheels are two alternative wheel options for this fantastic car.

The Model Y Induction wheel is a great option if you want a stylish handlebar with plenty of ground clearance. The Model Y Gemini wheel is preferable if you still want a less expensive wheel with a smoother ride.

Gemini vs induction wheels – which is better? Read on to compare Gemini and Induction wheels and find out everything you need to know to make the right choice.

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Model Y has three-wheel options

The Model Y is offered in all-wheel drive and performance options. The Long Range Y model comes standard with 19″ Gemini wheels, but can also be fitted with 20″ Induction wheels. The Performance variant comes with larger wheels 21-inch Uberturbine that are not available for long distances:

  • 19-inch Gemini Wheels are standard on the Long Range Model Y.
  • 20-inch induction Wheels – Available on Long Range Model Y for an additional $2,000.
  • 21-inch Uberturbine wheels are standard on the Performance Model Y.

The Performance Model Y costs an average of $5,000 more than the Long Range version, which can be too expensive for the exclusive Uberturbine and some bells and whistles. As you can see in the comparison below, there are slight differences between all three Y Model wheels:

  • 19-inch Gemini – 4.52″ sidewall, 28.04″ OD, 255 mm tread width, and 45 sidewall ratio.
  • 20-inch Induction – 4.02″ sidewall, 28.03″ OD, 255 mm tread width, and 40 sidewall ratio
  • 21-inch Uberturbine – 3.79″ sidewall, 28.58″ OD, 275 mm tread width, and 35 sidewall ratio.

The sidewalls and outer diameters of the 19-inch Gemini are slightly larger wheels than the 20-inch Inductions, which can result in a smoother ride and affect comfort.

How to pick the right options when choosing a Tesla read here.

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Gemini vs Induction wheels

Both wheels are designed for different purposes. So, both have their ups and downs. But still, let’s do a comparison to see which one might be better for your Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Gemini VS Induction Wheels

Induction wheels

Induction wheels cost $2,000 as an option on the Model Y Long Range version. They are considered the more stylish and modern of the two wheels, but that’s not all.


  • More stylish and modern.
  • Larger diameter.


  • More expensive.
  • Slightly rougher ride.
  • Wheel covers are not removable.

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Gemini wheels

Gemini wheels are more standard wheels on the Y model as they come with the base model and as an option on the Long Range model. Here are their pros and cons:


  • Cheaper.
  • More aerodynamic for a longer range.
  • Removable wheel covers.
  • Slightly softer/smoother ride.


  • Not so stylish.
  • Smaller diameter.

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Resale: Gemini vs Induction wheels

Since the Gemini wheels are stock Tesla Model Y wheels, they are too hard to resell. You get them for free because they come with the Model Y itself. People only buy another set of Gemini wheels when their stock wheels break.

In contrast, Induction wheels are always purchased separately. This makes them much easier to resell, as buyers can always use a used item if they can get it cheaper.

Also, Uberturbine wheels are the easiest to resell because they typically cost between $3,000 and $5,000.

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View: Gemini vs Induction wheels

In terms of looks, Tesla Induction wheels will always have the upper hand. That’s because Induction wheels are designed from the ground up to give your Tesla Model Y a cooler look.

While Gemini wheels don’t look too bad on your car, they don’t look nearly as amazing as Induction wheels. They are more like comfort wheels.

But be aware that Gemini wheels are the standard wheels on your Model Y, while Induction wheels sell for an extra $2,000. You know that the Tesla Model Y is a bit more expensive than other cars on the market, and spending an extra $2,000 on looks might seem unreasonable to most people.

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Comfort and driving experience: Gemini vs Induction wheels

This is Tesla Gemini wheels’ area of ​​expertise. They have a slightly larger sidewall and outer diameter, making them more comfortable and providing a smoother ride than Tesla Induction wheels.

The ride experience on Tesla Induction Model Y wheels isn’t all that bad, but it’s far from what the Tesla Gemini wheels provide.

While providing us with comfort while riding, the Tesla Gemini wheels sacrifice a bit on aesthetics and range, which depends on what color model of the Model Y we use.

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Efficiency: Gemini vs Induction wheels

The Tesla Model Y has a range of 330 miles, and you can get the best efficiency for that 330-mile range on Gemini wheels. Gemini wheels can go 330 miles on a single charge.

As for the Tesla Induction wheels, they reduce the effectiveness and range of the EPA on a single charge from 330 miles to 318 miles.

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The main difference between Gemini and induction wheels

The main difference between Gemini and Induction wheels is their size and shape.

Geminis are small 19″ wheels with a more aerodynamic silver finish.

Under the lid is a more standard steel wheel that some people really like. You can always keep hubcaps for long trips when aerodynamics are more important for range (range difference is 1-5%). After all, that’s why they have such less attractive wheel covers!

The Induction rims are larger 20″ wheels and have a gray/black curved metal shape. There is no special cover, except perhaps over the central bolts.

For most people, Gemini wheels seem less stylish than the two Tesla wheels, but both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look.

Model Y Gemini vs Induction Wheels

Wheel selection

The next choice is the wheels of the car; if you chose the Long Range powertrain, then you have two wheel choices.

  • 19-inch twin wheels
  • 20-inch Induction wheels and 19-inch Gemini wheels are pre-selected.

If you opted for a Performance transmission, you don’t have a choice of wheels; the car will automatically be fitted with 21-inch Uberturbine wheels.

19″ Gemini Wheels provide the smoothest ride of all three wheel choices as they have the smallest wheel diameter (19″) so there is more room in each wheel well for taller tires. Taller tires usually provide a smoother ride.

The 19″ Gemini Wheels come with plastic snap-on hubcaps that provide improved aerodynamics, giving you a little more range. Which is a big deal for some people. Estimates vary depending on who you ask.

However, the “19-inch Gemini wheels” have an extra surprise that Tesla doesn’t explicitly advertise on its website. If you want a sportier look (some people don’t like the look of the plastic Gemini wheels), then you can remove the plastic Gemini wheel covers.

They are held in place with metal clips and when you take them off you will see very nice 7-spoke silver wheels underneath. Remove wheel covers and keep them in the garage, basement, or trunk.

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Then, when you want to go on a trip, just snap them into place for more efficiency and range. The wheel hole that’s left behind, but you’re left with a nice, sporty-looking wheel. To make the trip as comfortable as possible, learn more about the useful feature tesla creep mode here.

While these wheels aren’t covered with large plastic caps, there is a small round plastic cap that snaps into the center of each wheel to cover the ugly standard steel nuts and the wheel’s center hole.

If you didn’t select the “Performance” drivetrain option, simply choose which wheel you like best – 19″ Gemini wheels or 20″ Induction wheels. If you don’t care or want to save $2,000, choose 19″ Gemini wheels and move on.

As I said earlier, if you selected the “Performance” drivetrain option, then your new Model Y will automatically be fitted with 21-inch Uberturbine wheels. These are beautiful wheels, but they have a few drawbacks:

  • Because they have a larger diameter, there is less room for tires in the wheel arches. The tires are therefore shorter, resulting in a rough ride and an increased risk of tire blowouts.
  • They are quite heavy due to their larger size. So if you plan to race your Model Y, you won’t have optimal acceleration or braking due to the high “unsprung mass” (racers and vehicle experts know what that means).
  • They are “shifted” front to back – meaning the rear wheels and tires are wider (10.5 inches) than the front wheels and tires (9.5 inches), so you can’t rotate the tires properly to increase their durability.

If you don’t like any of the wheel alternatives that Tesla has on this page, then there are alternative wheel options you can purchase to replace the stock Tesla wheels. People often replace their stock Tesla 19″ Gemini, 20″ Induction, and 21″ Uberturbin wheels with aftermarket wheels for a variety of reasons, including:

  • They want to give their Model Y a unique look.
  • They don’t like the look of any of the stock Tesla Model Y wheels and want to replace them with something more attractive.
  • They love the look of the 21-inch Uberturbin wheels, but they don’t like how big and heavy they are.
  • They want to have a second set of wheels fitted with winter tires, so they can easily switch between summer and winter tires every year.
  • They want to buy a better set of summer wheels and use the standard Tesla wheels exclusively for winter tires.

Regardless of their reasons, many people buy traditional wheels for their new Tesla Model Y. Sometimes they keep the stock of Tesla wheels that came with their car, and sometimes they sell them to offset some cost of buying new wheels.

If you purchased aftermarket wheels for your new Tesla Model Y, and they are the same wheel size (19″, 20″ or 21″) as the standard wheels, you can go to a Tesla Service Center, local tire shop, or mobile tire shop and get a service to transfer the stock tires and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors to your new custom wheels.

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Will Gemini wheels fit performance?

The Tesla Model Y comes in two versions: Long-Range and Performance, and the Long-Range vehicle comes standard with 19-inch Gemini wheels. While these smaller wheels have a slightly better EPA range per charge, the 20-inch Induction wheels look a lot cooler for an extra $2,000.

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Are Induction wheels good for snow?

Induction wheels are good for riding on snowy roads.

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What tires come with Gemini wheels?

Includes: 4x 19×9. Wheels Twins 5J ET45. 4 tires 255/45R19 Pirelli WINTER SOTTOZERO 3.

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Are Gemini wheels alloy?

Tesla Gemini wheel covers are made of plastic. Covered 10-spoke alloy wheels are provided under the wheel covers. That means, yes, the Tesla Gemini wheels are made from light alloy.

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Tesla drivers are known for spending thousands of dollars upgrading their cars, so an extra $2,000 for 20-inch Induction wheels might be a drop in the ocean. They are much prettier than the Gemini wheels and will complement your Model Y, no matter what paint color you choose.

Uberturbine wheels are by far the most attractive, but they only come on the Performance Model Y, which costs $5,000 more than the Long-Range version with 19-inch Gemini wheels. So, 20″ induction wheels can be a good medium to get beautiful wheels at a much lower price.

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